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About | Project Orb


Music: For the Audience

Project Orb endeavours to become a tool for helping you discover new music by up and coming artists.

Musicians are organised by genre so you can easily find the music that best fits your tastes.

Once on a musician’s profile you will be recommended artists of a similar style, making finding new acts effortless.

When on a musicians’ profile you can:

  • View their photo gallery.
  • Watch their uploaded videos.
  • Listen to their audio.
  • Follow musicians’ activities through their comments box.
  • Find out about upcoming gig and tour dates.

Music: For Musicians

Project Orb is passionate about helping up and coming musicians promote themselves and raise their visibility. We seek to create a platform where musicians can both connect with existing fans whilst attracting new ones.

Through photo and video musicians are given the tools to effectively cultivate their image while being given the opportunity to get creative with their content, be it through a music video or photos from a live performance.

Furthermore musicians can engage with their fan base and keep them up to date on all their activity through the comments box. All gig dates can also be posted making sure that fans never miss an event.

A musician will experience multiple avenues of promotion on Project Orb.

  • Fan base: Allow the public to hear your music and widen your audience.
  • Gigging: If you are performing at a venue you will appear on their profile page. This therefore promotes you to all of the fans of that venue.
  • Recommended Bar: This increases the screen time for musicians, as you appear on the pages of other musicians who share a similar style. This helps you reach a new group of fans who will likely enjoy your music.
  • Tier System: Gain more fans, climb the ranks and feature in the recommended bar of the most popular artists, maximising the amount of people who can see you.
  • Peers: Project Orb allows musicians to discover other musicians and so extend their reach amongst their contemporaries.

Venues: For the Audience

Project Orb creates a platform where the public can keep connected with the venues they know and love while also giving them the opportunity to discover new restaurants, clubs, bars and pubs.

Venues are organised in terms of location ensuring navigation is effortless and thus providing a valuable tool for planning nights out, whether you are looking for live gigs, club nights or finding an appropriate venue for dining.

A user is able to get a visual impression of the venue through viewing their photo gallery and video library.

Users can actively judge if a venue suits their tastes by viewing menus, wine lists and upcoming events. Once subscribed to a venue you will be notified of any promotions, events or menu changes.

Venues: For Venues

Project Orb offers venues the chance to create an online presence and increase their visibility enabling them to attract a wider customer base.

By uploading photographs and producing video content venues are able to cultivate their image and raise their appeal to potential customers through their aestheticism.

Venues can effortlessly upload menus, wine lists and events lists, ensuring customers can always see what is on offer.

Additionally with the comments box venues can instantly inform their customers up to date with any news, changes and promotions.

Retail: For the Audience

Project Orb gives users the chance to follow all their favourite brands, while also offering them the opportunity to discover those who are new and up and coming. Through the recommended bar you will receive suggestions on other brands which may appeal to you. This makes browsing through a range of brands and products effortless.

Users are able to view a brand’s products, photo gallery as well as video content. You will also be given all store information and directed to official websites should you wish to make any purchases.

Through the comments box users can continuously keep up to date with any news, promotions or sales that a retailer may offer.

Retail: For Retailers

Project Orb seeks to create a platform where both established and up and coming retailers can connect with existing customers whilst providing the conditions necessary to attract new ones.

We believe in embracing innovative forms of advertising in order to effectively create a brand image, boost a profile or promote products. Project Orb encourages this, providing the freedom to create an effective photo campaign or imaginative video content.

Through the comments box a retailer is given the ability to communicate with all of its customers, enabling them to automatically be notified of any sales, promotions or new product lines.